Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Unlucky or what - Trove Tuesday

Was William Adams unlucky or what? 

In May 1846, an unfortunate accident was recorded in the township of Windsor. 

The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reported that "William Adams, a man employed in Cadell's brewery, was, on Thursday last, riding through George-street, when a dog lying in the road, just opposite Mr Laban White's, tripped his horse, which threw him with great violence on the street. The poor man damaged his head, and cut his side to a serious extent the horse, too, was nearly killed." 

But wait there is more...

"The same man is he who about twelve months ago, was thrown off Messrs Cadell's dray on the Sydney road, and hurt himself so severely that amputation took place of one of his arms. The want of the arm tended to make his late fall more serious, because of his not being able sufficiently to save himself."   

NEWS FROM THE INTERIOR. Sydney Morning Herald 4 May 1846 p. 2. 


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  1. Poor Mr Adams needed to stay indoors by the sound of things.